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How Do You Know if You Need Computer Glasses?

This lesser-known but widely experienced syndrome includes blurriness, red eyes, watery eyes, double vision, and dizziness. All of this ensues from a phenomenon called blue light. This blue light has such an incredible penetrating power that it can easily penetrate all the layers of your eyeballs and can damage the retinal cells.  Any damage to it causes immediate and possibly long-lasting effects on your vision. 

This damage also has the potential of causing macular degeneration, which is more commonly known as age-related macular degeneration.

The eye’s macula is the part that is the entire eye’s functional center. 

The following query is how to evade such a syndrome in this modern-day world? Are there glasses that protect your eyes from the computer screen? Well, the answer to that is Muunel computer glasses.

Even if you have prescription glasses, you can ask for anti-glare versions that minimize blue light damage.

Do I need computer glasses?

It is one of the most common questions people ask. The answer is quite simple. If you work or play games on computers for extended durations or find yourself sleepless, you should consider purchasing some computer glasses to limit the blue light entering your body. It is essential to buy lenses that comply with European standards for ready-to-wear spectacles and check the blue light filter level.

We can note that Muunel meets the most stringent criteria. Our lens blocks 50% of the blue light in the typical spectrum 430mm – 460mm.

Do I need a prescription for getting computer glasses?

If you do not use vision correcting glasses, you do not need any doctor’s prescription for computer glasses. You can get any computer glasses that feel good to you. If you have low vision and use vision correcting glasses, you will require a doctor to write you a specific prescription; then, we can create your prescription lens with blue lite protection.

Searching for the perfect pair?

Searching for the perfect pair?