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Computer glasses, without diopters

Do you spend a lot of time in front of the computer? In this situation, the eyes are the ones that suffer the most. How do you take care of your eye health? Your vision requires additional protection measures. A practical solution is to wear a pair of glasses with Munel blue light lenses, which filter the blue light emitted by digital screens.

Whether your field of activity is in front of a computer or you like to spend your free time in front of digital devices that emit blue light, your eyes need protection to function in optimal conditions and at their maximum capacity.

The prolonged use of computers, tablets, and mobile phones, and the time spent in front of the TV, make an increasing number of people face blurred vision, burning sensations, or headaches.

The handiest solution to protect your eyes

It does not matter that you are not wearing glasses with diopters; the computer filter can be mounted on simple lenses and guarantees protection without feeling any visual discomfort. In the absence of this filter, the eyes are subject to stressors, which, over time, can cause refractive errors or eye conditions. Blue light is a harmful light that comes in contact with the eyes whenever you look at an artificial light source, passing entirely through the cornea and lens and reaching the retina.

You can find different glasses with computer protection lenses that optimize the visual system’s speed to allow eye strain on the internet. The contrast of the computer monitor images is enhanced by filtering the adjacent lights and reducing the monitor’s brightness and reflections. Ultra Blue treatment Comprises six layers: PC filter, hardening, superior anti-reflex, ultra hydrophobic, oleophobic and antistatic.

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Questions about PC glasses without diopters

Are PC glasses practical without diopters?

Diopter-free PC glasses areנו effective because they filter and remove the blue light generated by electronic displays. Excessive blue light will cause eye fatigue, blurred vision, irritation, and even headaches. Digital devices with LCD and LED screens (computer, TV, tablet, phone) emit an unbalanced visible spectrum with high intensities of blue light, also known as “High Energy Visible Light” (HEV).

Can diopters be mounted?

It will be ideal for the user’s convenience if he requires both treatments on the lens to combine them to use a single pair of glasses when using devices with artificial blue light. So diopters can be mounted on the protective lenses if the user needs them.

What is the material used for the frame?

The frame’s fabric may differ depending on the model and the manufacturer. It is up to the user to choose the most suitable structure, depending on his needs. The lenses can be adapted to the selected frames, regardless of the material of the frame.

Do these lenses prevent fatigue?

Artificial blue light damages the user’s eyes, tiring the eye muscle if exposed for a long time. Protective lenses filter this type of light from the visual spectrum, so your eyes will not be so tired, eliminating their severe and drying effect.

Therefore, anyone using an LCD / LED device wears computer glasses that will neutralize the blue light, prevent fatigue and eye pain caused by prolonged exposure, reduce glare, and provide optimal contrast in artificial lighting conditions. Eye health is the most important, so it is necessary to use any means to increase our quality of life, the easiest step being the purchase of PC goggles without diopters.

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